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Employee Benefit Statements

How much is your organization spending on employee benefits?

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employers spend an average of 42% on top of payroll for benefits alone! Unfortunately, few organizations get their money's worth. Industry studies show that while employees receive thousands of dollars in benefits annually, most have no idea what their benefits are or how much they cost. SESCO's Opinion Survey reports nationally that 68% of all employees do not know the dollar value of their benefits.

SESCO assists our clients in communicating the high cost and value of their benefit packages to employees. Communication is the key to employee understanding and appreciation. SESCO benefit statements are a proven and cost-effective way for you to communicate the value of benefits to your employees. We can ensure your employees discover their total compensation package. Features include:

  • Fully customized to each employee
  • Professionally printed and bound
  • Customized commentary/explanation of benefits
  • Cost effective as outsourced

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