SESCO can customize most forms to meet your company’s needs. For example, your company name or logo may be added to a form or product cover for an nominal fee. For more information, please contact us.

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  1. $20.00

    Chronological history of employee's tenure with the organization.

  2. $50.00

    This professional folder compiles the complete medical history for each employee that should be kept separately from the personnel file.

  3. $15.00

    Get feedback from departing employees about their reason for leaving your organization and their perception of your organization and its culture.

  4. $15.00

    This checklist is used when processing employees leaving your organization to ensure that company property is accounted for, that benefit coverage is explained, and that other administrative tasks are completed.

  5. $15.00

    This questionnaire may be used after an employment offer is made. It is designed to identify the applicant's health history and to determine how the individual's health may impact their ability to perform the assigned job duties.

  6. $15.00

    Gives employer the information needed to determine whether the individual can safely perform specific job duties, and provides a sound basis for consideration of appropriate accommodations.

  7. $12.00

    Weekly record of employee's time worked; an accurate of accounting of actual time worked is a requirement of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


    This form documents the reason for the report and the corrective action needed for the employee to meet performance expectations.

  9. $15.00

    This form documents an applicant's consent or refusal to submit to post-offer drug testing.

  10. $15.00

    Document that the new employee has been made aware of all policies and procedures of your organization.

  11. $15.00

    This form designates whether or not the employee does/does not authorize employer to answer questions for the purpose of employment references.

  12. $15.00

    This appraisal tool is best suited for the evaluation of production and office personnel.

  13. $1.00

    Replacing employees is expensive. How serious is employee turnover in your organization?

  14. $13.00

    This form is completed by the employee and the immediate supervisor following each absence. Provides basis for counseling or discipline.

  15. $13.00

    Annual record of individual's absences and leaves; includes notation on pay treatment of absences.

  16. $13.00

    Eighteen rating items help you determine if the employee will be a good team member for your organization.


    This 2-part form provides evidence of this discussion with the employee regarding unsatisfactory performance or a rules violation.

  18. $23.00

    This form documents an employee's performance, identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement, and provides as a source of consensus between the employee and the supervisor.

  19. $23.00

    This appraisal report is tailored specifically for the evaluation of supervisors and managers in you organization.


    This three-part form documents the reason for an employee's termination. The form complies with the enforcement guidelines of the federal Wage and Hour Division and the EEOC.

  21. $30.00

    Document an employee's good work with this "pat on the back" for a job well done.

  22. $20.00

    This employment application is tailored to the needs of employers in the health care industry.

  23. $15.00

    An employment application specific to the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association.

  24. $15.00

    Applicant waives and releases any claims that the applicant may have by reason of accident or injury occasioned by a pre-employment physical ability test or demonstration.

  25. $15.00

    Standard form for interviewers to use in the evaluation of applicants for employment.

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