How Tire Dealers Can Comply with Federal Wage-Hour Regulations


There are few federal regulations which have as profound an impact on business operation as the Fair Labor Standards Act. Originally enacted in 1937, virtually 100% of all non-supervisory employees in America are now covered by the FLSA, which has been amended frequently by Congress after the first federal minimum wage was established at 25? an hour. This minimum wage now is at $5.85 an hour, effective July 24, 2007.

In addition to trying to keep pace with the statutory amendments, employers have had to follow a multitude of interpretive bulletins issued by the Administrator of the Labor Department's Wage-Hour Division. As if that were not enough, the courts have required employers to adjust to a multitude of precedent setting decisions, one after another.

To aid your business in the management of your Wage Hour issues, SESCO Management Consultants has developed this manual to aid you with your compliance.