Applicant and Employee Assessment

If you have ever made a hiring mistake or placed an employee in the wrong assignment, you can appreciate the value of pre-employment and employee assessment tools. At a time when it is important to maximize the potential of your organization's human resources, assessment testing is an important part of the employment and selection process.

DiSC Profile and Assessment Tools
Online Testing
Background Checks

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  1. $42.00

    Designed to measure the aptitude that predicts performance in jobs requiring the understanding and application of mechanical principals.

  2. $85.00

    The Personal Profile enables you to identify your behavioral profile; capitalize on your behavioral strengths; increase your appreciation of different profiles; and, anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others.

  3. $79.25

    Traditional DiSC Profile with Mangement Focused Reporting

  4. $46.50

    The DiSC Facilitator Report provides vital information about your group.

  5. $46.50

    The DiSC Group Culture Report provides vital information about your group.

  6. $79.25

    Traditional DiSC Profile with Sales Focused Reporting

  7. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Customer Service Action Planner to identify a customer's DiSC behavioral style and develop appropriate responses to better meet their needs.

  8. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Management Action Planner to identify a team member's DiSC behavioral style and adjust your management approach for more productive interactions.

  9. $85.00

    The Personal Profile System provides a better understanding of another person's behavior by understanding what motivates that individual.

  10. $20.50

    The Personal Listening Profile is a 16-page learning instrument that helps individuals understand how to listen more effectively in a variety of situations.

  11. $31.00

    The Personal Listening Profile Individual Report highlights strengths and growth areas for each communication style and provides specific suggestions for communication skills improvement.

  12. $875.00

    A useful selection instrument in hiring and placing applicants and also as an indicator of future promotion and reassignment possibilities.

12 Item(s)