Employee Testing

If you have ever made a hiring mistake or placed an employee in the wrong assignment, you can appreciate the value of pre-employment and employee assessment tools. At a time when it is important to maximize the potential of your organization's human resources, assessment testing is an important part of the employment and selection process.

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  1. $42.00

    Designed to measure the aptitude that predicts performance in jobs requiring the understanding and application of mechanical principals.

  2. $59.25

    The Personal Profile enables you to identify your behavioral profile; capitalize on your behavioral strengths; increase your appreciation of different profiles; and, anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others.

  3. $79.25

    Traditional DiSC Profile with Mangement Focused Reporting

  4. $46.50

    The DiSC Facilitator Report provides vital information about your group.

  5. $46.50

    The DiSC Group Culture Report provides vital information about your group.

  6. $79.25

    Traditional DiSC Profile with Sales Focused Reporting

  7. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Customer Service Action Planner to identify a customer's DiSC behavioral style and develop appropriate responses to better meet their needs.

  8. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Management Action Planner to identify a team member's DiSC behavioral style and adjust your management approach for more productive interactions.

  9. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner to identify an employee's DiSC behavioral style and gain insight into the employee's goals and fears.

  10. $59.25

    The Personal Profile System provides a better understanding of another person's behavior by understanding what motivates that individual.

  11. $14.00

    Use the DiSC Sales Action Planner to uncover the DiSC behavioral style of a potential client or an existing customer.

  12. $20.50

    The Personal Listening Profile is a 16-page learning instrument that helps individuals understand how to listen more effectively in a variety of situations.

  13. $46.50

    The Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report gives you a heads-up on group dynamics by showing you how group members use each listening approach.

  14. $31.00

    The Personal Listening Profile Individual Report highlights strengths and growth areas for each communication style and provides specific suggestions for communication skills improvement.

  15. $31.00

    Team Dimensions Profile 1.0 helps individuals identify their most natural team role and gives them added appreciation for the contributions of others.

  16. $31.00

    Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 is a value-added version of the original Team Dimensions Profile instrument.

  17. $46.50

    The Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report is an advanced tool that helps groups capitalize on strengths to build a more productive and satisfying team environment.

  18. $22.50

    The Time Mastery Profile is a 36-page learning instrument that helps people assess their time-management effectiveness and create a personal plan for improving their skills in key areas.

  19. $46.50

    The Time Mastery Profile Facilitator Report can be used to customize Time Mastery Profile training or coaching sessions based on the job importance and self-assessed skill level of participants.

  20. $31.00

    The Time Mastery Profile Individual Report contains the same useful information as the paper instrument, but also includes a Skills Gap Analysis.

  21. $875.00

    A useful selection instrument in hiring and placing applicants and also as an indicator of future promotion and reassignment possibilities.

  22. $22.50

    The Work Expectations Profile is a 36-page learning instrument that helps people identify and communicate their high expectations, take initiative to get them met, and adjust them when necessary.

  23. $46.50

    The Work Expectations Group Report provides a group summary of Gap Analysis information, which supervisors and managers can use to identify likely sources of dissatisfaction within the group.

23 Item(s)