Employee Training

As the Internet and other technology delivered training evolves, you'll see more and more companies springing up to deliver both technical and non-technical (soft skills) training both in the classroom and online. SESCO Management Consultants can help you customize and develop your own program in a quality and cost effective manner. We accomplish this with our strong foundation in existing content and the resources and knowledge to bridge your training programs with a technology-based mix. We can offer the flexibility to choose the right "mix" for your organization between quality classroom, Internet, and Intranet programs.

The Benefits of Online Training
You will enjoy significant advantages from the SESCO Management Development and Training services. Web-based training allows you to expand training opportunities without increasing classroom space, trainer cost, or participants' time away from their job. Web-based training is short, specific, tailored to your unique business strategies, and delivered on the spot. With the SESCO Training packages, your participant will not only learn the skill points taught, but retention is greater because they are able to repeat sequences of the program. In addition, SESCO Training allows you to train anywhere in the world at any time.

SESCO programs are more than just text material transferred to the web. This exciting new interface has been designed for optimum adult learning and offers something for everyone. The audio-based learner, the visual learner, and the kinesthetic learner.

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