Classroom Training

There is no question that today's successful and prosperous organizations are led and managed by effective managers and leaders from the top executive down to the first line supervisor.

SESCO has attracted and retained extremely professional and competent trainers and counselors from business and industry who also have been managers and supervisors. SESCO trainers have been certified and trained through SESCO's Professional Development Institute to ensure quality delivery of the material enhancing the participants' experience. You can count on SESCO's management development and training programs to make a difference in your organization.

SESCO has been training managers and supervisors throughout our history. We have developed practical, effective basic courses in the following topics:

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    Achieving Communication Effectiveness helps individuals examine their personal communication patterns and construct more effective messages.


    Behavioral-based interviewing focuses on experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics necessary to be successful on the job.


    This interactive online skill builder will assist in understanding, recognizing and appreciating that cultural diversity means being different from others and learning how to celebrate those differences once they are identified.


    This program explores the legal basis of sexual harassment, strategies to recognize and stop unwelcome behavior and guidelines for personal behavior on the job. This is a two-hour program.


    This program mirrors the elements presented in the employee sexual harassment program; adding the elements of identifying behavior that constitutes sexual harassment, eliminating it in the workplace and conducting an investigation when necessary.


    This workshop will address both finding, as above, and keeping the most qualified employees of your organization.

    The outline as it stands now includes elements of effective and legal hiring practices, using positive discipline to change behavior and protect the company in the future, sexual harassment overview and the elements of the American's with Disabilities Act.

    This program will cover key competencies for the HR professional, strategic planning, career development systems, training program design and development, and management of change, conflict and diversity in the workplace.


    This workshop covers pre-employment recruiting, screening and hiring, the importance of employee handbooks and clear discipline policies, determining pay rates and developing compensation systems, effective performance appraisal systems, EEOC and Wage-Hour regulations and practices, and ADA, FMLA and COBRA compliance.


    This one-day session is specifically designed for new supervisors with limited leadership experience, to help shorten the leadership learning curve and more quickly deliver effective performance.


    The Long-term Care Competency Series offers both a non-supervisory as well as a supervisory curriculum.


    This one-half or one-day workshop is designed for non-union organizations that have a strong desire to remain union-free and a willingness to share that vision with their management/supervisory team.


    Through this seminar, participants will gain the expertise they need to identify and to launch an effective job search campaign.


    This one-day program is designed to cover the practicality of performance management, the importance of documentation and application of job-specific practice during the workshop.


    This two-hour program will help participants discover what triggers stress, how it can be managed and how stress can be used in a productive, positive manner when managed appropriately.


    This two-day workshop is designed to make supervisors aware of their responsibility in many areas which can create enormous liability for the organization as well as improve their leadership and management skills.


    This is a two-hour program designed to break open a logical and practical discussion about this most important topic. The program covers the leading reasons for violence in the workplace as well as initial steps organizations can take in the development of a proactive, long-term, strategy to limit their liability and create a safe working environment.

17 Item(s)