Communication Training for Employees and Managers


Good communication is the key to productive relationships in the workplace. We are all responsible to see that communication is productive and helpful. Likewise, good listening skills are the key to effective communication in the workplace. Being a good listener is not easy. It is a skill that we have to develop. Working together and communicating effectively as a member of the work team are key skills to having a healthy and productive workplace.

Being open to help from others is also key to being a part of a team. We have to be willing to admit that we need help and then ask for it in a healthy manner. We have to overcome our resistance to it. Lastly, being assertive is also a part of being on a team. We need to be able to communicate without violating the other person's rights as a human being.

In addition to addressing the above, this one-day program deals with perhaps the two most important relationships in the workplace: a productive relationship with one's boss and a collaborative relationship with peers. In a relationship with one's boss, it is important to have open lines of communication, to give him or her information that will be helpful, and to meet expectations. In the relationship with peers, it is important to practice openness and to affirm the unique qualities each brings to the relationship.