DISC — Dimensions of Leadership


The premise of this program is four-fold: (1) To understand your work behavioral tendencies and begin developing an understanding of how these styles may affect others, (2) to understand, respect, appreciate and value individual differences, (3) to enhance your effectiveness in accomplishing tasks by improving your relationships with others, and (4) to develop strategies for working together to increase productivity.

Employees have many personalities; they may be shy, reserved or concerned about losing control of a situation. Whatever the reasons, unless we understand ourselves better, it will more difficult to understand others. The DiSC Profile is designed to help us understand more about our natural behavioral styles. Being aware of how we behave is one thing.... knowing why we behave the way we do is something else.

We all think, feel and act they we do because of a pattern of behavior that has occurred over time. In fact, we call that pattern of behavior a "style" because it has become so ingrained in us that it is in fact, second nature. The Personal Profile System is a simple, self-scoring instrument that will help us not only understand ourselves and others, but also learn about how to work more productively with those in our organization whose behavioral styles are different from ours.

The DiSC Personal Profile System isn't a test that you can pass or fail. There's no one style or pattern that is most effective or productive in an organization. Remember that we are all different and it is that difference that makes us unique. We need the different temperaments and talents of artists and engineers, actors and entrepreneurs, poets and politicians. Imagine how boring it would be if we all acted the same way. This program can be conducted in either a one-half day or a full-day option.