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  1. $379.00

    Helps managers and supervisors meet ADA requirements at actual work situations.

  2. $275.00

    Learn how to resolve disputes and calm angry customers quickly and professionally.

  3. $379.00

    While this video covers crucial documentation completely, it also concentrates on using the job performance review process as a tool to improve management skills and workforce productivity.

  4. $379.00

    Jury Friendly Termination is designed to help organizations avoid the pain – and the cost – of illegal termination.

  5. The DVD is designed for HR executives and frontline, mid-level and top-level managers.

  6. $275.00

    This award-winning positive discipline video gives you six steps of progressive discipline which begin with coaching and escalate to stronger measures only as needed to solve the problem.

  7. $275.00

    We're all busy these days and we can't afford to waste our time with nonproductive meetings. 

  8. $275.00

    This program helps you get that balance in life that everyone keeps talking about. The first step is figuring out how to control the way you spend your time.

  9. $275.00

    Learn how to handle multiple calls, transfer calls, solve communication problems, resolve problems, take clear messages, and use voice mail effectively.

9 Item(s)