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    More and more employees are quitting their job in favor of jobs that come with better compensation and benefits, work/life balance and more meaningful work. It is obvious that the Pandemic brought many changes to the labor market, and so many businesses are in the midst of a major labor crisis. More than 4.3 million workers quit their job in November 2021 alone – a historical number – according to the Department of Labor.
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    When was the last time you conducted an audit of your personnel files? If it’s been a while (or if you have never done an audit) you may be putting the organization at risk. The best way to ensure your company remains in compliance and avoids liability is to conduct regular reviews of your personnel files and your filing practices. Join us as we learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of personnel file maintenance, including whether documents are being put in the correct file (i.e. personnel or medical) and whether you are retaining files longer than is required (or disposing of them too soon). Next, we will cover how to properly onboard new hires to set them up for success. Last, we will discuss the importance that the employee handbook plays in the new hire process and why it should be a living, breathing document which is critical to HR and management functions.
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    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal wage and hour continues to cause big headaches for employers given the intricacies of exemptions, pay plans and state permissible pay practices. Non-compliance exposes companies to individual and other representative actions. Wage and hour laws continue to multiply, with new regulations, court decisions, and myriad changes to existing laws impacting employer compliance obligations.
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    Harassment is rampant and it happens daily in our workplace. Whether it’s Hollywood, politics, academia or business, you cannot escape the reports of misconduct in the workplace. With the heightened awareness, employers must do what they are required by law and in their power to prevent harassment in the workplace. This session will explore the true definition of harassment and discrimination under Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and the problems caused by inappropriate workplace behavior. Additionally, we will focus on preventing sexual harassment and discrimination, how to respond to harassment or discrimination, how to address unwelcome behaviors, the negative impacts of workplace misconduct, proper procedures for reporting and investigating complaints and consequences of false accusations. Last, we will cover how leadership should properly handle and respond to charges of discrimination received from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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    As experts in employment law compliance, SESCO will explore the practical application of crucial federal regulations such as Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act.  Further, we will delve into these pertinent and complex regulations to give participants a fundamental understanding on how to navigate and apply these regulations compliantly within their organization. 

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    Leaders (managers and supervisors) are normally chosen for their positions because of their knowledge about the products and services they provide to their customers.  All too often, however, their training has covered only the technical aspects of their duties, neglecting the people related skills which are extremely important in ensuring a successful organization.  The Essential Skills of Leadership session will give you the four foundational skills for effective leadership: focusing on behaviors and facts (not attitudes or opinions), encouraging team member participation, maintaining team member self-esteem, and running effective meetings.

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    This session begins with an open discussion of the true costs and effects of turnover and poor recruiting and hiring practices. All elements and/or systems that affect an organization in its hiring and people management are discussed.


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    Compensation administration deals with establishing a meaningful and acceptable relationship between work and rewards.  Work performed by employees should help organizations achieve their objectives which are derived from the organization’s overall business strategy and support the company’s mission statement.  When designed and administered appropriately, an organization’s compensation program is an effective management tool for recruitment, retention and overall support of the business objectives.


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     Good communication is the key to productive relationships in the workplace.  We are all responsible to see that communication is productive and helpful. Likewise, good listening skills are the key to effective communication in the workplace.  Being a good listener is not easy.  It is a skill that we have to develop. Working together and communicating effectively as a member of the work team are key skills to having a healthy and productive workplace.


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    When considering all the aspects of neglected management, most often organizations identify development planning as an area of important need. Development planning truly aids your employees in shaping not only the future of their careers but also the future of the organization.  For a variety of reasons, the valuable activity of employee training and development often goes ignored or becomes an afterthought by management. With this comes the ultimate price: the loss of top talent or future hopefuls. 



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    Did you know two thirds of supervisors receive little to no training on how to handle the soft skills of management?  Supervisors must exhibit true leadership, boost morale, and reduce employee turnover, all while positively impacting your organization's bottom line -- a tall order for even the most experienced professional.  This two-part series will address necessary skills with a focus on the employee – manager relationship. We’ll discuss the behaviors that effective supervisors should demonstrate 



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