Sign Now... Pay Later - Generic


Using dramatizations of union tricks and tactics, this video shows supervisors and employees what they might expect as a Union Card Signing Campaign progresses. That enough signed cards can bring in a union without a vote is clearly explained.

Engrossing dramatizations in these videos take employees and supervisors inside a union organizing campaign. They see how employees are tricked or pressured into signing union cards or petitions. They learn how their signatures can result in the National Labor Relations Board authorizing the union to negotiate a contract covering their wages and benefits. They see how they can find themselves union members-all of this-without a chance to vote for or against the union.

A father uses his son's autographed baseball to explain: This four-dollar baseball became a very valuable baseball when a famous player signed it. But if you and I sign a four-dollar baseball, it's still a four-dollar baseball. But, there are things people like you and I can sign that make them very valuable. . . checks, credit card forms, petitions, package receipts, and union authorization cards.

The father turns to his son's computer, pulls up current statistics on union membership losses, strikes, decertification petitions. Eleven talented, professional career actors in 15 dramatic scenes depict union recruiting efforts and peer pressure exerted to get employee signatures.

Quotes from national union leaders on membership loss and the resulting loss of unions' ability to gain at the bargaining table are included.

Union specific editions are offered for the UAW, CWA, Teamsters, SEIU, UFCW, IBEW, Steelworkers, UNITE, IAM. There is also a choice between a Caucasian or an African American in the lead narrator's role.

Length: 18:00 min.