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A New Employee's Transition

A new employee's transition to your organization involves the process of orienting and integrating the individual to their new work environment. Sometimes referred to as "on boarding," a successful transition can lead to fewer mistakes early on, increased productivity for the new employee, and an improved chance of retaining the individual in the long term. Here are some suggestions for getting the new employee off to a good start:

Have a Plan

Even if your employee handbook covers all the bases of your business, new employees are certain to have a lot of questions. Establish a plan for bringing new employees on board a plan with which supervisors will be familiar.


Get the required paperwork (e.g., Form I-9, W-4, etc.) out of the way. If possible, put these documents online or send new hires the paperwork before their first day of work.

Who's Who

If your organization is not too large, consider creating a company directory complete with pictures of employees. This is something that could be maintained on the company Intranet.

The Intranet

Speaking of the Intranet ... if you don't have one, you can create a password protected area of your primary Website for employees only. Here you can provide a digital version of the company's handbook, benefits information and forms, and a section on frequently asked questions.

A Mentor

Assign a co-worker to act as a mentor or guide. This person should not be the individual's boss, but rather someone who is on the same level as the new employee. That way, the new person will feel comfortable asking whatever questions he or she has without fear of being judged by a superior.

The "Where You Fit" Meeting

This can be a one-on-one meeting or it might take the form of a department-wide meeting to update team progress. The goal is to help the new employee understand his or her place in the organization's structure and how what he or she does affects the entire operation. This will help instill a sense of pride and a better understanding of the business as a whole.

The Welcome Event

If possible, during the first week plan a social time where the new employee and their co-workers can get to know each other a little better.

These simple steps can go a long way in providing the new employee with a smooth transition to their new job and help the individual feel welcome in their new work environment.

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