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Employee Handbooks & Policy Manuals

An employee handbook is the cornerstone of an effective employer-employee relationship. Employee handbooks are proactive communications tools wherein employees have a complete understanding of what they can expect from their employer and what their employer expects from them.

Development and implementation of policies in accordance with the multitude of federal and state employment laws is one of the most important human resource systems an employer can implement. In addition to the number of reasons an employer should develop an employee handbook, one of the most important reasons is avoiding miscommunications and subsequent basis for defense when there is alleged wrong doing such as an EEOC charge, wrongful termination or employment lawsuits.

SESCO has developed literally thousands of employee handbooks for employers in all 50 states. In addition, SESCO has reviewed and advised employers concerning their employee handbooks and policy manuals. SESCO maintains a staff dedicated to the review and development of employee handbooks that are not only compliant to federal and state employment regulations, but also are proactive communications documents.

Throughout our history, no SESCO client has ever been fined or lost an employment lawsuit or discrimination charge due to an inappropriate policy or poorly written employee handbook. In fact, our employee handbooks have withstood a number of legal claims and scrutiny by the various federal and state agencies and we are proud to be recognized as one of the country's foremost experts in employee handbook and policy development.

Equally as important, is the training of supervisors and managers on the employee handbook and related employment law matters. Training programs can be provided to include employee handbook, Family and Medical Leave Act, Workplace Harassment Discrimination Prevention, Union Avoidance, Employee Evaluations and Discipline, just to name a few. An employer can do itself a favor by training its supervisors and managers on the basic do's and don'ts as relates to this handbook and to all federal and state employment matters.