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Affirmative Action / EEO

Affirmative Action
Discrimination Charge Representation

SESCO consultants have been serving clients with compliance to federal and state employment regulations since our inception. In fact, SESCO Management Consultants authored one of the first compliance manuals on EEOC/Title VII compliance. SESCO also represents employers before the OFCCP, EEOC and State Human Rights.

Affirmative Action

SESCO develops and implements compliant Affirmative Action Plans which have passed the scrutiny of a number of OFCCP desk audits. SESCO consultants have been personally coached and trained by the OFCCP to ensure complete and authoritative compliance and program development.

The development of AAPs and supporting reports can be a complex and time consuming process, but one that must be fulfilled as a condition of doing business with the federal government. Working with you, SESCO Management Consultants can produce your annual AAP(s) in full compliance with Executive Order 11246 and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations. In support of your OFCCP Compliance Review, SESCO will provide a technically accurate and audit ready affirmative action plan(s) through the following process:

  1. Review project components and collect required employment data.
  2. Obtain U.S. census data for your locations, prepare the required analyses and identify problem areas to include:
    • Job group analysis
    • Availability and utilization analyses
    • Employment practices (adverse impact) analyses
    • Compensation analysis
    • Identification of problem areas and development of action oriented programs
    • Summarize any female and/or minority underrepresented
  3. Finalize the plans including the narrative sections, impact analysis and statistical reports.
  4. Communicate with key personnel to review the plans, methods for communication to the management team and any required changes to employment policies and practices.
  5. Assist in to developing a process for on-going administration of the plans (i.e. semi-annual updates, information to be collected during the plan year, preparing for the next plan year).

In addition to developing compliant Affirmative Action Plans, SESCO consultants are experts in representing clients before the OFCCP desk audits, onsite reviews, offsite analysis, compliance checks and focused reviews. In the event of any OFCCP action, a client should contact SESCO for advice and technical support regarding compliance evaluation resolutions and program development.

“We have already received our letter from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. They found no apparent violations of the Executive Order. So we are done with this audit, they are not coming onsite. We could not have done this without your company and without Brenda's due diligence and great work. I've never seen something so professional in my entire career. And I just wanted to let you know if you ever need a reference to try and to drum up business or someone is asking about the kind of services you provide, I would be happy to share my experience.” – Brenda Sobeck, St. James Mercy Health System


Equal Employment discrimination charges and alleged wrong doing is a reality that most employers will face. Charges of discrimination are on the rise and it is quite difficult for employers to navigate all of the anti-discrimination regulations, comply with those regulations and defend their actions when alleged wrong doing is claimed.

SESCO's consultants are experts in conducting onsite investigations, obtaining affidavits and assisting employers in responding to charges of discrimination and alleged wrong doing. Whether it is convincing a current or past employee that they have no case of discrimination, representing the client before the EEOC and obtaining a no-cause finding or, where necessary, assisting an employer in settling and preparing appropriate documentation such as settlement agreements and releases, SESCO focuses on the client and specific case in question and provides rapid, cost effective solutions.

Because prevention is critical within all employers and the Human Resources Department, SESCO consultants provide day-do-day assistance through our Service Agreement ensuring compliance as well as assisting in handling day-to-day employment actions and separations. Additionally, SESCO provides assistance with policy formalization to include customized employee handbooks as well as conducts Supreme Court-mandated supervisor/ manager training and other employment law awareness and avoidance training for managers and supervisors throughout the organization.

Discrimination Charge Representation

SESCO consultants conductfact-based EEO complaint investigations for corporate and government organizations to ensure the process is handled promptly, thoroughly and in an unbiased manner. Our former compliance officers and professional staff perform discrimination and harassment grievance investigations based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, mental or physical disabilities or reprimand or reprisal complaints. Our consultants act as fact-finders obtaining relevant information to assess the allegations of employee misconduct in order to determine whether the action was in fact discriminatory. Investigations are completed promptly and clients are provided with a summary of findings and recommendations for any further action if needed, providing the organization with a neutral opinion based solely on the facts related to the allegations. By having an impartial party conduct the investigation, and by providing the organization with a detailed report on those findings, the organization can document its good faith efforts to look into the allegations and bring about a quick resolution based on those findings.

SESCO's success rate in obtaining "no cause" findings is 96%.