Professional Service Agreement

Labor Relations

SESCO specializes in the prevention of unionization, persuasive pro-employee counter-union communications training of your supervision and management and development of winning counter-union communications campaigns for employers committed to maintaining a positive, pro-employee and union-free work environment.

Special features of SESCO's employee and labor relations services include:

  • Over a 95 percent win rate.
  • Labor relations staff is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and can be on site immediately when contacted.
  • Proven campaign strategies developed with over nearly 60 years of hands-on experience. All campaigns are customized to meet the special circumstances of the client as well as the labor union targeting the organization.
  • Staff that is not only highly trained in employee and labor relations services, but also in practical, hands-on human resource consulting which allows the team to better understand employee concerns and issues and how to assist the organization in overcoming and solving "people" problems.

Following are the highlights of our professional union-free employee relations services we can provide your management/supervisory team for the purpose of educating, training, and communicating with your supervision and employees for the purpose of preventing a costly unionization campaign and/or having a majority of your employees vote "NO" should a secret-ballot election be scheduled by the NLRB.

SESCO's Communication/Management Training Services Prior to NLRB Conducted Representation Election

Our firm has been retained by numerous U.S. companies to assist management in developing and implementing a "winning" counter-union communications campaign. We help identify your union vulnerability areas and issues that trigger union activity with SESCO's in-depth Union Vulnerability Audit. We design a proactive, union-free awareness communications campaign which focuses on the disadvantages of union representation for supervisors, employees, and their families to discourage union card signing.

Effective supervisors and managers must be committed to what they can and must do on a day-to-day basis in communicating the advantages of working union-free — the disadvantages of the union — and what it would be like working under labor agreements. Your supervisors must fully understand what they stand to lose and the disadvantages to them of working in a unionized facility — how it affects their management rights, their authority, their responsibility, and their peace of mind.

Labor Relations Communications Services During NLRB Pre-Election Campaign

Our consulting services are provided in direct relation to your needs and organizational structure. Where labor counsel is present, we recommend all NLRB communications be handled by them. Our observations and recommendations with the "counter-union" campaign will be channeled through counsel. We recommend that counsel have the opportunity to approve all communication materials, letters, video tapes, talks, and persuasive strategies developed by SESCO professionals working with your management team.

Our counter-union communications campaign efforts are always a team effort — bringing together a cross section of key management members and SESCO's resources. Individual assignments are made to all members of the management team and department heads. A member of management is appointed the "counter-union campaign manager". He/she is our liaison to supervision and counsel. Because union activity events can change very quickly, a good measure of effective communications is critical between all members of this staff.

We prepare a persuasive customized counter-union campaign. We help you prepare "counter-union" communications materials for all employees. SESCO helps you prepare counter-union talks, small group meeting outlines, letters to employees' homes, bulletin board posters, handouts to employees, and scripts for video presentations. Scheduled dates for each counter-union communication media piece to be used are programmed for maximum effectiveness.

Other SESCO Labor Relations Resource Services

  • Contract negotiations
  • Strike and contingency plans
  • Supervisory training (do's and don'ts)
  • Proactive employee relations seminars
  • Union Vulnerability Assessments
  • Prevention/Management Training
  • Union Campaigns (96% Win Ratio)