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Organizational Development

Management Assessment Appraisal Program / Team Development
Career Pathing
Culture Assessments / Identification
Family Planning / Business Plans
Team Building

Management Assessment Appraisal Program / Team Development

The Management Assessment and Appraisal Program is a 360? assessment of each individual on a management team. Each individual is asked to look at himself/herself through a series of instruments to define his/her personality, management style, and how effective he/she thinks he/she is in practicing the skills of management. The individual is then assessed by his/her peers, and those peers provide feedback on how that individual manages, functions in a team, and solves problems.

Employees provide feedback on the individual's management style and their effectiveness in practicing good management skills.

The fourth part of the assessment is for SESCO to interview each management team member in-depth and determine their leadership ability and competence in key skill areas. This is compiled in a comprehensive report to provide an overview of the team and each member.

Individual development plans are prepared for each member of the management team. Additionally, team development plans are designed to meet desired objectives.

SESCO consultants are available to conduct one-on-one coaching and team development programs.

Career Pathing

One of the most effective ways to retain employees long-term is to thoroughly explain to them their long-term opportunities within the organization. Management can no longer afford to say, "Come to work, do a good job, and we will take care of you." In addition to a well-defined screening and hiring process, management must also develop career paths to ensure applicants and employees fully understand their long-term growth and development opportunities.

SESCO works with leadership of an organization to "map out" succession plans to not only include advancement opportunities, but very specific training and individual development goals to help individuals aspire to higher levels of competency and performance.

Culture Assessments / Identification

It is commonly known that the culture of an organization is critical in ensuring a highly satisfied and productive workforce.

To change or develop a culture that is preferred, we must first assess the current culture. This process may include:

  • Management/Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Culture Assessment Survey
  • Focus Groups and interviews with managers, employees and residents
  • Management Assessment Appraisal Program

Subsequent the identification of the current culture, an action plan would be developed to guide a systematic change to the preferred environment. SESCO specializes in culture identification and assessments and organizational development.

Family Planning / Business Plans

SESCO provides consulting, training, and educational services for closely-held and family business. We understand the added dynamics of familial relationships and challenges that are associated with managing a family business. Our mission is to enhance these unique relationships in an effort to improve business processes and relationships. We accomplish this, either working as an individual consultant, or as a multidisciplinary team. Our core family business services include:

  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Choosing the next generation leader or leaders
  • Developing sibling teams in the succeeding generations
  • Managing conflict among family members
  • Making fair decisions regarding compensation of family members
  • Developing outside boards of directors and advisors
  • Holding family retreats and family council meetings

SESCO understands the challenges and joys of family business. In fact, SESCO is in our third generation of family ownership. We believe that our personal and professional experience in this area of service provides us with the skills and knowledge to enhance individual, family, and organizational dynamics.

Team Building

Organizations are more apt to succeed when there is a strong sense of teamwork, interdependence and understanding. This workshop will explore the elements of an effective team structure and how teams are developed to include potential barriers to teamwork and team self-assessment. We will discuss the basics of every good team and participants will look at how the team must operate to be successful to include being an effective team member themselves and resolving team conflicts.