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Company Culture and Employee Engagement

Flexibility, corporate culture, and rewarding high performance are important to cultivate happy and productive employees, according to a study commissioned by Randstad. The research also found employees tend to have mixed feelings about their supervisors. While a majority of employees trust their managers (73 percent) and feel that their supervisors have their best interests in mind (67 percent), a majority also believe they could do a better job than their manager (53 percent). The research also looked at the importance of company reputation in attracting new employees. Nearly all of those polled (96 percent) report it would be important for their new company to have a good reputation among its employees, while nearly as many (86 percent) say it is important to have a good reputation in their community. Driving employee engagement. Randstad offers the following tips for driving employee engagement: 1. Flexible work arrangements or reduced hours: While only one-in-seven employees say their employers offer a reduced schedule or flex hours during the summer months, 91 percent of those who are offered summer flex time say it improves morale and 80 percent say it increases productivity — suggesting this is one of the most effective methods of engagement. 2. Employees' input: Encouraging employees to share their ideas and opinions makes them feel valued by their team and allows them to develop professionally. 3. Stimulating workplace: Fostering a comfortable and challenging work environment keeps employees inspired and engaged, with 22 percent of respondents ranking this as a top engagement tool. 4. Bonuses and promotions: Rewarding high performers with bonuses and promotions is cited as the number one tool for employee engagement (ranked as top engagement tool by 30 percent of respondents). 5. Training and skill enhancement activities: Empower employees with opportunities to expand their abilities through training, development and continuing education, all of which ultimately benefits your business as well. SESCO Management Consultants is available to assist with your human resource issues. You may contact us by phone at 423-764-4127 or by email at