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Different Generations Agree on Importance of Job Security

Despite the often-cited differences among today's multigenerational workforce, they agree on one thing working for a stable company and job security are the two most important aspects in the current work environment. This research by the global staffing firm Robert Half International surveyed "Baby Boomers" (46 to 64 years old), "Generation X" (32 to 45 years old), and "Generation Y" employees (21 to 31 years old). Working for a stable company and having job security won out over a short commute and working for a socially responsible organization as the two most important aspects of the work environment. Hiring managers should bear these findings in mind and, where possible, stress your organization's tenure, legacy, how it has withstood economic challenges, and how it is poised for growth.

Other commonalities the three generations of employees share:

Company stability, salary, and benefits were the top three most important factors in evaluating a job offer.

Health care and vacation/paid time off were the most highly rated benefits.

Of course, there were also generational differences identified by the survey:

Generation X workers are slightly more likely than Boomers to enhance their skill sets and build tenure after the recession.

Generation Y workers are more likely to look for new job opportunities after the recession than are Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Generation Y places more value on on-site perks such as fitness centers, cafeterias, transportation assistance, and snacks.

Boomers and Generation X place more value on 401(k) plans and bonus programs.

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