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EEOC Report Confirms Increased Focus On Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released its annual report for fiscal year 2010. The report indicates that more employment discrimination charges are being filed against employers. The EEOC had the highest number of discrimination charges filed in fiscal year 2010 than ever before in its history 99,922 charges. This was an increase over the previous record levels in 2008 and 2009. The agency brought 250 new lawsuits in 2010, and resolved 285 existing cases in 2010 for over $85 million. Overall, the EEOC recovered $319.3 million for allegedly injured parties, an increase of over $25.2 million over the previous year.

The report also underscores the new focus and direction of the EEOC relative to class-wide, systemic charges and claims. The EEOC's docket of these type investigations has increased dramatically. The investigations of systemic, pattern or practice cases more than doubled over the previous year with 60 active pattern or practice cases. Most telling, the EEOC currently has a docket of 465 active systemic investigations and has hired 39 new investigators in 2010.

More charges of discrimination mean more employment discrimination lawsuits. While 2010 was a record year for the EEOC, even more activity is likely in 2011.

Employers must be vigilant to avoid practices which may be considered discriminatory. SESCO Management Consultants is available to assist with your human resource issues, including policy development and responding to allegations of discrimination. You may contact us by phone at 423-764-4127 or by email at .