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Enhancing Employees' Wellness

Employers might be working with leaner staffing budgets, but the same cannot be said for many employees' waistline. A survey of over 5,000 full-time U. S. employees in 2011 indicated that 43% of those surveyed had gained weight in their current job assignment. The findings were similar to surveys conducted in 2009 and 2010.

Workers cited the following factors for their weight gain:

Sitting at a desk most of the day
Eating out regularly
Skipping meals because of time constraints
Workplace celebrations

Most organizations are aware of the impact that employees' unhealthy behaviors have on the company's bottom-line through absenteeism and lost productivity. Regular physical activity is one of the most effective disease prevention behaviors. Physical activity can:

Reduce feelings of depression
Improve stamina and strength
Reduce obesity, particularly when combined with proper diet
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Physical activity programs can range from the simple to the elaborate, with varying implementation costs. It is not necessary for employers to provide workout facilities or gym memberships. The primary purposes of workplace interventions are to encourage employee education and physical activity.

Some low-cost methods to fend off those extra pounds include:

Taking a brisk walk
Planning meals for the week and better control of portion size
Drinking water or some other healthy beverage
Getting a buddy at work to motivate you and accompany you on walks or visits to the gym. Your buddy can also help you avoid those cookies and doughnuts.

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