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Is the New Hire a Good Fit?

Try as you may to hire the best employees, one cannot be certain about a new hire until the individual is actually on the job. As you have likely experienced some new hires are bad fits. Some people exaggerate their experience and qualifications, and some realize they just don't like the job or the organization.

Hiring mistakes happen. Spotting these mistakes early can save time and money. One red flag to be aware of is whether the new employee asks questions.

The absence of questions from a new hire may signal that the person:

does not understand the job
doesn't know who to ask
may not care if the task is done well
fears asking a question that some might perceive as "dumb"
doesn't communicate well
prefers to solve problems alone
thinks his or her way is better than the established procedure

New hires should be encouraged to ask lots of questions during their initial period of employment. Supervisors should expect, welcome, and encourage regular questions.

Asking questions probably means that the new hire:

is thinking about the job or specific task
wants to do things right
respects the supervisor's knowledge
is naturally inquisitive
wants to increase confidence in his or her judgment

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