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Job Satisfaction Survey

The results of the annual job satisfaction survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management provide some interesting insights to the current work environment. The 2010 survey indicates that employees' overall satisfaction with their current job remains high at 84%. More tenured employees (those with 16 or more years of service) were more likely to report being very satisfied overall than were employees with less than three years of service at their current job (51% and 32% respectively).

What contributors are most important to job satisfaction?

For the third consecutive year, job security remained at the top of employees' list of the most important determinants of job satisfaction. The top contributors to job satisfaction in the 2010 survey include:

Job security 63%
Benefits 60%
Opportunity to use skills & abilities 56%
The work itself 54%
Employer's financial stability 54%
Compensation/pay 53%

These results are not surprising, given the current economic conditions in the United States.

Factors that were not strongly connected to employees' job satisfaction included: the employer's commitment to a "green" workplace, paid training and reimbursement programs, and the employer's commitment to social responsibility.

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