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Most Employees Find Their Work Meaningful

A recent survey by Right Management found that more than 75% of employees surveyed find their work meaningful. In response to the question: "Do you find your work to be meaningful?" the findings were:

Always 42%
Usually 35%
Occasionally 16%
Rarely 4%
Never 1%

The findings suggest that most employees care about their work how it challenges them, offers a sense of worth, or allows them to contribute to the larger organizational goals and values. However, finding one's work meaningful doesn't necessarily translate into higher performance. Employers want to aim for a convergence of meaningful work and high performance to further the organization's objectives. It benefits the employer to not only help employees find the kind of work that inspires and motivates them, but ensure that employees are committed to the success of their company.

Creating this kind of alignment can be difficult because each individual's preferences are based on personal values and choices. Supervisors are in a great position to identify individual preferences by regularly engaging employees in career discussions uncovering those areas that drive increased levels of meaning and satisfaction.

Other findings of the survey:

Employees at smaller companies are more likely to find meaning in their work. Forty-two percent of employees at small and medium-sized firms said they always find their work meaningful, while only 36% in large firms said the same.

More men than women always find their work meaningful, by 44% to 38%.

Of those aged 25-34, 41% said they always find meaning in their work compared to only 28% of those 55 and older.

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