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Social Media Pros and Cons

As Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media make their way into the workplace, managers are weighing the potential risks and benefits. A recent survey of more than 1,400 CFOs conducted by Accountemps asked for their opinions about social media's impact in the workplace.

The greatest concern identified by the survey participants:

  • Wasting time at work (51% of survey participants)
  • Behaving unprofessionally (18%)
  • Posting financial or confidential company information (11%)
  • Posting negative comments about the company (10%)
  • No concerns (10%)

Conversely, the greatest potential benefit was cited by the survey participants:

  • Provide better customer service (28%)
  • Enhance company's reputation (22%)
  • Expand networks of available contacts (20%)
  • Secure new business (18%)
  • No benefits (10%)

More executives are seeing value in employees using social media for business purposes like promoting a product or service or connecting with target audiences. For example, employees interfacing with customers can leverage these networks to communicate directly with customers and quickly address service issues as they arise.

Many organizations are still evaluating the risks and rewards of allowing employees to access social media websites at work. Employers may address concerns about utilizing social media by developing and implementing a set of clear and consistent guidelines regarding employees' use of social media sites.

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