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The Importance of Employee Handbooks

Should your business have an employee handbook? If you believe that consistent, clear employer-employee communication is necessary for productive and profitable employee relations, then your business (regardless of size) should not attempt to operate without a clearly worded, up-to-date employee handbook.

An employee handbook is a basic written publication that is designed, published, and distributed for the purpose of providing employees and their family members with two major pieces of information:

1. What can employees and their families expect from the business?
2. What does the business expect from its employees?

Between the covers of a well-written employee handbook, these two questions are answered clearly, persuasively, and honestly.


One important purpose of the employee handbook is to promote consistency in the day-to-day administration of personnel and benefit polices. Another major purpose is to prevent employee misunderstandings, complaints, grievances, and job dissatisfactions that often occur due to a lack of understanding or a misunderstanding of personnel and benefit policies.


Listed below are a few of the important benefits to a business in having an up-to-date, published employee handbook:

A handbook promotes understanding of the business's policies and procedures.

A handbook promotes consistency and management credibility.

A handbook is the supervisor's reference manual and human resources guidebook.

A handbook can be an effective recruiting tool.

A handbook is an excellent resource for orientation of new employees.

A handbook documents your fair employment practices and your compliance with equal employment opportunity laws.

A handbook will assist your business in complying with federal and state employment laws.

A handbook can be a valuable legal defense for your business if it is faced with an employee lawsuit.

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