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Workload and Morale Concerns

Surveys indicate that current business conditions continue to impact the morale of workers, as companies try to do more with less. Not surprisingly, 9 of every 10 survey respondents indicated that managers' and employees' workloads have increased in the last twelve months. Also, 80% of those surveyed said that employees' stress has increased and morale has decreased.

Human resource managers listed this concern as a top priority. When asked about their biggest challenge in the next six months, human resource managers provided the following responses:

Maintaining employee productivity and morale (31%)
Dealing with health care costs and new legislation (26%)
Finding qualified candidates (16%)
Handling organizational change (14%)
Retaining top performers (13%)

Many managers and supervisors are attuned to workplace discontent, as organizations operate with lean staffing. They should take steps to ensure that employees receive recognition for their efforts and that opportunities for growth and development are addressed.

Employers are also taking steps to reduce employees' stress. Typical measures include:

Employee assistance programs
Flexible work schedules
On-site fitness centers
Financial management classes

Organizations should not overlook the welfare of their managers. As workforces remain lean, managers often have more people to supervise, and they frequently pick up the lion's share of extra work.

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