Professional Service Agreement

SESCO Client Testimonials

"Jamie, just a quick note to say that it was super seeing you in San Diego and thank you for your session in our 2016 CEO Summit and our Small Business Roundtable session. WOW, what may I add? It was incredibly informative and our members not only learned a lot, but also took away so many new ideas! It also kept them on their toes, wishing for this session not to end!"

– Gillian Campbell — SISO

"Bill, thanks so much for the session this afternoon. Judging by our audience, getting 49 to attend and stay for the entire session is an achievement."

– Dan Hilton, Director of Government Affairs — American Supply Association

"The harassment training Joel provided made sure we were up to date with any new regulations. We can always call SESCO and get help. SESCO is great."

– Virginia Settle — Gillie Hyde Auto Mall

"Thanks, Brenda. I appreciate all of the help and hard work you put into our handbook. It was a pretty hefty task, and you did a great job. Thanks again."

– Tony Vermaas — Sobie Company, Inc.

"It is always a pleasure working with you, Kim. You make it easy for us all."

– Mike Scheuren — White Horse Village

“I contacted SESCO, and they where very helpful. They helped me develop an employee manual. They worked with us through all the benefits we should offer or not offer and put together our employee handbook, which is very useful and we enjoy using.”

– Cecil Burton, NFDA member

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable and credible. Both were essential elements in negotiations. Scheduling and working directly with Paul made the process easy. I've had limited experience (personally) with SESCO, but those I have are positive.”

– Randy Stilwell, Human Resources Director, DSI Underground Systems, Inc.

“The booklet and the thorough information Joel gave us as he took us through the training were excellent. Our staff refers to this almost daily. Joel has a personable and one-on-one, friendly, thorough attitude. He is very professional, yet down to earth. SESCO is able to meet the needs of any organization of any size.”

– David Guinn, Director of Operations/Human Resources, FACE Amusement Group

“HR topics are really important to our audience, so Bill's expertise matched what they needed. Bill was on time, did what he promised and was easy to work with.”

– Thomas Parmalee, Executive Director, Kates-Boylston Publications

“The knowledge was superior and I feel confident that our new manual is legally correct plus informative. Brenda did a wonderful job! Becoming a SESCO partner was one of the best things I could have done for FKCU.”

– Beverly Boling, Manager/CEO, First Kingsport Credit Union

“We are at a place where we are too small to have a full-time HR department, but large enough to need the services of SESCO. Joel makes us feel at ease. Your whole team is a pleasure to do business with.”

– Beverly Boling, Manager/CEO, First Kingsport Credit Union

“What I like most about working with SESCO is their knowledge, they show concern about our inquiries and situations. SESCO provides excellent support.”

– Marvin A. Quintero, MBA, Director of Human Resources, Blue Point Medical

“The audit gave us insight on areas we need to work on. SESCO listens when you tell them something and takes it into consideration. SESCO is helpful and thorough.”

– Vickie Poore, Appalachian Cast Products

“This was our first time collecting data of what employees are thinking/feeling about the company — good information to use and share for improvements. Joel is a class act and good friend. I always know that I will get professional and accurate service.”

– Robert Buckles, Human Resources Manager, Tri-City Extrusion

"Fantastic job today, Bill! I thought it was excellent, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from lots of folks today."

– Carmella Hansen, M.S.Ed, Director, Professional Development — National Funeral Directors Association