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Professional Service Agreement

The SESCO Report – May 2013

SESCO Client Feedback

"Jamie, just an excellent conference — you did a terrific job — best Health Care Reform presentation we have been a part of. Thanks." ~ Bob Crumley — Independent Hardee's Franchisee Association

SESCO Client Inquiry — Staff Response

Question: We are looking for ways to reduce costs. Can we require employees to retire at age 65?

Answer: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Internal Revenue Code generally prohibit a qualified plan from discriminating against a participant because of age. Such discrimination includes stipulating a mandatory retirement age for employees. A qualified plan must allow all employees to participate, regardless of age, when they meet the plan's eligibility requirements. A qualified plan may not reduce or stop the accrual of benefits under the plan simply because the participant has reached a certain age. Plans may set a normal retirement age, which is the lowest age specified in the plan at which the employee may retire and still receive full benefits under the plan.

There is one exception for certain high-level employees. Compulsory retirement is allowed for any employee who has attained 65 years of age, and who, for a two-year period immediately before retirement, is employed in a bona fide executive or higher policymaking position, provided the individual is entitled to an immediate annual retirement benefit totaling at least $44,000.

SESCO Expands Service Agreement

SESCO is pleased to announce that their exclusive HR Service Agreement has been expanded. SESCO's service agreement provides clients the following services at no additional charge:

Annual Consulting Visit This visit will include:

-Compliance assessment to all federal and state employment laws with follow-up report
-Required harassment training for managers
-HR update/roundtable for HR staff and managers

Hotline No maximum time limit to discuss day-to-day HR questions, provide HR support and research.

Federal and State Posters Program
SESCO will monitor federal and state poster requirements and revisions and provide clients with updates as to posting requirements. Further, SESCO will provide updated/revised posters at reduced fees.

The SESCO Report, a monthly management newsletter, to be provided to all management personnel as so selected.

Annual Review of Employee Handbook and Policies to ensure they remain legally-attentive and people-sensitive.

This expanded service program is provided to all current clients. Any organization/business that is not taking advantage of SESCO's exclusive service agreement should contact:

Bill Ford, 423-764-4127 or

SESCO Pulbications

SESCO has been authoring and publishing books and manuals for management for over 60 years. SESCO has a number of "how to" publications available for purchase. Some of the titles include:

Affordable Healthcare Act
Human Resources Guide (specific to industry)
ADAAA Administrative Manual
COBRA Administrative Manual
How to Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace
Employee Discipline and Discharge
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Family Business Succession Planning
Family and Medical Leave Administrative Manual
How to Comply with Equal Employment Regulations
How to Comply with Federal Wage-Hour Regulations
How to Prevent and Combat Unionization Successfully
Immigration Reform and Control Act Administrative Manual
New Hire Reporting Act Administrative Manual
Screening and Hiring Guide

To view a complete list and description of our current publications for purchase click HERE. To view SESCO's entire online publication store click HERE or go to