Several States increase Minimum Wage Revised State Posters Available through SESCO Management Consultants

January 07, 2015

Twenty one states will have new minimum wage requirements beginning January 1, 2015.

The states with changes include:

Alaska $8.75 per hour
Arizona $8.05 per hour
Arkansas $7.50 per hour
Colorado $8.23 per hour
Connecticut $9.15 per hour
Florida $8.05 per hour
Hawaii $7.75 per hour
Maryland $8.00 per hour
Massachusetts $9.00 per hour
Missouri $7.65 per hour Montana $8.05 per hour
Nebraska $8.00 per hour
New Jersey $8.38 per hour
Ohio $8.10 per hour
Oregon $9.25 per hour
Rhode Island $9.00 per hour
South Dakota $8.50 per hour
Vermont $9.15 per hour
Washington $9.47 per hour
West Virginia $8.00 per hour
Additionally, on December 31, 2014 New York will increase its minimum wage to $8.75 per hour

SESCO is always available to evaluate your pay practices and ensure that you are compliant with federal and state wage and hour laws. Federal and new state employment posters reflecting the impending changes are available for purchase by contacting us by phone at (423)764-4127, by email at, or from our ONLINE STORE.